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"I was constantly chasing symptoms. It was a vicious cycle."

I was always told that I’d appreciate my oily skin one day, but I had reached a tipping point. The shine would appear by lunch and most of my make-up was gone by mid-afternoon. I’d grab a handful of napkins with my coffee to always have something handy to blot with. Blemishes popped up out of nowhere, only to be replaced by dark marks that took forever to fade. Despite having sensitive skin, I subscribed to the theory that stronger is better. I thought the stinging and burning were the trade-off for smooth, even skin. I didn’t realize that all that irritation was only making it worse.

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"There's nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing everything right and your skin still doesn't look good."

As a skin care lover, who worked in the beauty industry, I have tried everything. I have been on Accutane, had laser treatments for dark marks, been burned and recovered, and bought almost every product. I was tired of dealing with each issue in isolation and wanted to care for my skin beyond mattifying it. No one seemed to understand oily skin’s temperamental nature, nor the fact that it changes by the hour.

While I had periodic breakouts, I wasn’t “Acne/Problem” skin whose products were way too harsh. Products labeled “For All Skin Types” really weren't. Those that were “Oil-Free” didn't nourish my skin, and “All Natural” products just didn’t cut it. It became even more complicated when I added anti-aging items as they're often filled with oils and butters. Wrinkles and breakouts?! No fair.

I knew the most progress for my skin would come from something simple I could do every day. So, I set out to create the first beauty brand focused on the unique needs of oily~combination skin.


“My commitment to being a clean beauty brand is a very personal one.”

During this journey, my world was rocked to its core when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis, and my subsequent genetic testing, heightened my awareness of all the ingredients and chemicals that we put in and on our bodies. I am tremendously grateful that she is now fully recovered and cancer-free. A pivotal moment was when we decided to focus on the things we could control. We cleared out the refrigerator, pantry and bathroom, and scrutinized the ingredient list of every product that we put back in. I give the ingredients and safety of our products that same level of care and attention. My guiding principle is that products must work, but also be safe and good for us.
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"We designed our products for the full range of skin tones to have maximum benefit."

I was mentored by a globally renowned cosmetic chemist, and used a world class lab to create LALAIS. It took 4 years and countless iterations to develop each product in our collection to the highest quality. While our ingredients are sourced globally, most of our products are produced on the east coast, so I can personally oversee every detail.

“It makes all the difference when something is made with you in mind.”

-Lita Cunningham, Founder

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LALAIS (luh-lay)

The name was inspired by an ancient form of French poetry in which none of the lines rhymed. It was viewed as very chaotic at the time, but later became known as one of the most beautiful art forms. This notion created our tagline, “From Chaos Comes Beauty.” Just like oily skin. Because your skin may be complicated, but your skin care shouldn't be.

With Love,